Converter steelmaker

24 hours (approx)
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The purpose of the simulator: is to gain skills in steel melting in an oxygen converter based on a virtual process control system.

The simulator contains equipment control elements, a dynamic 3-dimensional model of the unit, information necessary for conducting the technological process and evaluating the result.

Thanks to animation, the student can observe the behavior of the equipment on the virtual work site.

The mathematical model at the heart of the simulator allows calculating the exact result of steel melting process based on the specified parameters and the student's actions.

The workshop allows you to smelt a given steel grade in a virtual process control system on a converter:
- choose the target grade of steel to be smelted;
- calculate the charging for smelting: the ratio of cast iron and scrap depending on the temperature parameters and chemical composition of cast iron specified by the system;
- control converter equipment;
- control actions with animation;
- control his actions via animation screen;
- monitor the chemical composition and temperature changes;
- execute smelting process of the targeted steel grade of given quality, guided by the steel melting script.

There are 2 simulation modes:
The "Training" mode is aimed at teaching the conduct of the technological process and obtaining the target parameters. In this mode, the student has access to various auxiliary materials: laboratory work, detailed descriptions of tasks, diagrams, tips, etc.
The "Testing" mode helps to independently practice and test the acquired skills.

Time required: 24 hours
Our simulators are designed for a quick and easy learning process. Time required may vary depending on the student's experience and prefered pace.
Suitable for beginner level students and for those looking to refresh their knowledge
2 modes of work with the simulator
Instant PDF certificate upon completion
24/7 access and you can study at your own pace
The mathematical model
Learning stages
Allows you to get acquainted with the subject area, learn about the device and the principles of operation of the equipment, as well as the features of the technological process.
Setting STEEL CASTING parameters
Before the start of steel processing, the student, independently or under the guidance of a teacher, sets the target steel grade. Sets the ratio of pig iron and scrap depending on the temperature parameters and the chemical composition of pig iron set by the system, based on the recommended heat charge.

The choice of parameters allows you to work out many options for the development of the process. The simulator offers a choice of the most common steel grades.
The technological screen simulates the control system of converter, and also contains all the information for conducting the steelmaking process.

This section allows a student to:
- operate the steelmaking process;
- control actions with animation;
- monitor changes in metal temperature and steel melting parameters.
Analysis of rolling results
Based on the results of the process, a report is formed, in which all student's actions (including erroneous ones) are recorded:
- the result obtained: chemical composition of steel and slag, steel temperature;
- amount of cast materials;
- gas consumption for blowdown;
- intensity and periods of steel heating;
- a list of violations committed during the smelting process;
- a list of achievements received after completing the scenario.
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