Device of coke oven machinery

maintenance personnel
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6 hours (approx)
The 3D simulator allows you to look inside the equipment, study the location of parts. The research is carried out using 3D models that exactly repeat the real equipment.

3D simulator allows you to explore the device:
1. Car tipper
2. Charging car
3. Coke pusher
4. Coke pusher frame cleaning mechanism
5. Coke-pushing mechanism
6. Door cleaning mechanism
7. Door extractor
8. Door removal and installation mechanism
9. Door-extracting machine
10. Door-extracting machine frame cleaning mechanism
11. Drop sleeve assembly
12. Electric locomotive
13. Hatch removal mechanism
14. Large oil station
15. Leveler
16. Quenching car
17. Riser cleaning mechanism
18. Riser neck cleaning mechanism

There are 2 modes of work with the simulator:
1. "Teaching" mode allows you to study the structure of the equipment and its purpose: each detail of the structure on the three-dimensional model is provided with a name and description.
2. "Testing" mode helps to consolidate the studied material with the help of interactive testing. The student needs to find the component parts of the equipment.

Time required: 5 hours
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2 modes of work with the simulator
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