First Aid in Factories Online Training Course

7 hours (approx)
rating 4.9 / 5
Interactive online course dedicated to teaching how to provide first aid for victims.

Our course is designed as a first-person point-and-click adventure where you will be offered the leading role. According to the story the main character finds themselves in the center of an emergency - an explosion in a factory. In a collapsed building they come across many victims with different types of injuries. Your goal is to attend to those injuries by correctly providing first aid.

Regardless if you work in an office or in a hazardous industry, you will find it important to know how to stop bleeding, recognize the signs of a stroke, and correctly react in 34 other emergency situations. This course will help you to master these skills.

To assess the knowledge gained you will be given 2 test situations where you will have to evaluate the surroundings and provide first aid to the victims.

The interesting storyline and dynamic visual aids will allow you to gain a high-quality level of knowledge while enjoying the process.

Time required: 7 hours
Our online courses are designed for a quick and easy learning process. Time required may vary depending on the student's experience and prefered pace.
$ 19
from $ 40
Suitable for beginner level students and for those looking to refresh their knowledge
34 the most common types of injuries
Covers topics of a one day classroom course
Instant PDF certificate upon completion
24/7 access and you can study at your own pace
E-course topics
1. General Knowledge
1.1 General Knowledge about First Aid
1.2 Universal Guidelines for First Aid
1.3 Legality of Providing First Aid
1.4 Emergency Service Numbers
1.5 Guidelines for Calling an Ambulance

2. Accidents
2.1 Arterial Bleeding
2.2 Venous Bleeding
2.3 Capillary Bleeding
2.4 Nose Bleeding
2.5 Dislocation
2.6 Fracture
2.7 Bruise
2.8 Sprain
2.9 Stroke
2.10 Heart Attack
2.11 Fainting
2.12 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
2.13 Actions after Successful Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
2.14 Traumatic Amputation
2.15 Vertebral Fracture (Spinal Fracture)
2.16 Eye Injuries
2.17 Chest Injury
2.18 Abdominal Injuries
2.19 Neck Injuries
2.20 Eye Trauma
2.21 Chest Trauma
2.22 Abdominal Trauma
2.23 Neck Trauma
2.24 Craniocerebral Trauma
2.25 Heat Stroke
2.26 Eye Burns
2.27 Chemical Burns
2.28 Thermal Burns
2.29 Respiratory Burns
2.30 Electrical Injury
2.31 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
2.32 Chemical Poisoning
2.33 Hypothermia
2.34 Frostbite
Upon completion of the course you will be able to
  • Analyze different conditions of the victims, and recognize the severity of the traumas and injuries
  • Provide first aid for traumas, injuries, fractures, bleeding, amputation of limbs, etc.
  • Correctly evacuate the victims from the dangerous areas
  • Ensure your own safety at the scene
E-learning certificate
Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a PDF certificate available for downloading and printing.

What does the certificate include?
Our certificate includes your full name, the course title, percentage of successfully completed assignments and the final test date.
In addition to printable user certificates your progress and results are stored in EDU and can be accessed at any time.
Please note, if you're using our course via SCORM in a third-party EDU, we won't be able to provide certificates. You will have to generate them in your host's EDU yourself.
System Requirements
For the best experience we highly recommend using a PC/laptop running Windows or macOS with the latest version of Google Chrome.
E-course topics
1. General knowledge
1.1. General knowledge about first aid
1.2. Universal first aid scheme
1.3. Legal side of the first aid
1.4. Emergency Service Numbers
1.5. Ambulance call rules

2. Incidents
2.1. Arterial bleeding
2.2. Venous bleeding
2.3. Capillary bleeding
2.4. Nose bleeding
2.5. Dislocation
2.6. Fracture
2.7. Bruise
2.8. Sprain
2.9. Apoplectic attack (insult)
2.10. Heart attack (Infarct)
2.11. Loss of consciousness (fainting)
2.12. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
2.13. Actions in case of after successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation
2.14. Traumatic amputation
2.15. Spine fracture
2.16. Eye wound
2.17. Chest wound
2.18. Abdomen wound
2.19. Neck wound
2.20. Eye trauma
2.21. Chest trauma
2.22. Abdomen trauma
2.23. Neck trauma
2.24. Traumatic brain injury
2.25. Heat apoplexy
2.26. Eyes ambustion
2.27. Chemical ambustions
2.28. Thermal ambustion
2.29. Respiratory tracts ambustion
2.30. Electrical trauma
2.31. Gas intoxication
2.32. Intoxication by caustic chemicals
2.33. Hypothermia
2.34. Freeze burn
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Customer Reviews
This is the most interesting course I have ever taken!
I have already taken several courses from this developer. Information is presented in a very interesting way. I don't have a feeling that I'm studying. The price is reasonable and the quality is really great.
Rating: 5/5
Shawn Erickson
Head of training department, Germany
We think it is a perfect learning format.
This learning format is much more convenient than a text one or even a video one, because we can have feedback that allows us to understand how much a student is involved in a learning process and evaluate how well they master their skills.
Rating: 5/5
Smirnov Evgeniy
Head of a training department, Russian Federation
Information is presented in a convenient and comprehensible way. The course illustrations communicate the content of the course very clearly. The assignments help to fully assess the knowledge gained during the course. I could easily understand how to do an assignment based on the information presented in the course.
Everything is very interactive and clear.
I will recommend this course to my colleagues and friends.
Rating: 4.5/5
Vorontsova Anastasia
College teacher, Russian Federation
I liked the fact that this course doesn't just teach the first aid basics but it also has a story.
The navigation and interface of the "First Aid" course are pretty convenient. I liked that the course doesn't just teach first aid basics but it also has a story. It was very interesting to work with it. The most memorable situations were where I had to provide first aid myself. You get an impression as if it is happening in real life and you are responsible for someone else's life.
Rating: 4.8/5
Maslakova Elizaveta
Student, Russian Federation
We really like this course! We use a "First Aid" course from SIKE when holding our lectures on labor protection and industrial safety.
Rating: 5/5
Shaidurova Natalya
Executive manager of a training center, Russian Federation
Students and teachers like this course. We use a "First Aid" online course from SIKE for our lectures, practices and self-studying sessions.
Rating: 5/5
Khalikov Rustam
Principal of an oil college, Republic of Bashkortostan
I would like to thank you for such a great project!
Everybody can learn how to act during emergencies thanks to your courses. The best part is that the course has a number of situations that any of us can get into. It guides us through common mistakes that people can make due to incompetence.
Rating: 5/5
Leila Eyyubova
Student, Russian Federation