How to register
SIKE software
(get activation code/license key)

1. Copy the simulator to the computer on which the simulator will be used.
2. Run the executable file "SIKE.Simulator name.exe".
3. Read the license agreement and follow the installation prompts.
- For simulators:
- For 3D Atlases:
4. After completing the installation process, launch the simulator. A registration window will appear on the screen.
- For simulators, the registration window looks like this:
- For 3D Atlases, the registration window is as follows:
5. Generate and send us registration information*.
To do this:

5.1. Fill out the fields of the registration form: name of the organization, full name of the contact person, and contact phone number.

5.2. Save the data using the "Save to file" button and send the resulting file to us to
For 3D Atlases, if you have an Internet connection, you can automatically send data using the "Send data" button.
For simulator simulators, you can copy the data to the clipboard, paste it into an email, and send it to
Example of registration information:
Product: SIKE. LMF Steelmaker (Ladle Furnace)
Organization name: My Organization
Full name of the contact person: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich
Contact phone number: 89000000000
Registration information:

6. The activation code (license key) for registering the simulator will be sent to you by email from which the registration data was sent within 24 hours or on the next business day (Mon-Fri: from 07:00 to 15:00 Moscow time).

7. Restart the simulator and copy the received activation code (license key) from the email into the simulator registration window (in the corresponding field).

8. Click "OK" (for simulators) or "Register" (for 3D atlases).
The simulator is registered! You may begin your training.
If you have problems with registration, please contact technical support at 8-(800)-200-89-98 (toll-free within Russia).

*Attention! Registration information is unique for each computer and corresponds only to the computer on which you launched the simulator. After registration, you can only use the simulator on this computer.