3D simulator "Sling operator".
A ready-made solution from SIKE

Goal: To form and work out the skills of safe, correct slinging of various cargo

Basic requirements:
  • Realism
  • Use in distance learning (launching through online training systems)

Target audience:

  • Students, interns
  • Sling operators
  • Specialists engaged in slinging and unslinging cargo
Building and practicing skills for sling operators, in terms of training, is a very complex process that requires:
  • a room where the training will take place;
  • expensive special equipment that will withstand all student's manipulations and at the same time will not endanger the life and health of others;
  • a practicing expert who is willing to work through all the mistakes over and over again with each student;
  • an experienced theorist, who at the right time will be able to suggest an algorithm of actions, show the right scheme of slinging, or give important advice;
  • the right motivation, through which a student will strive to learn new skills.
All of the above components rarely coexist together. Sometimes the following happens: either the room was flooded, or the training stand broke down at the most crucial moment, or the expert cannot find time for practice. That's why we decided to develop a one-of-a-kind slinger simulator in an action game format that does not require additional costs.

The simulator allows you to practice actions aimed at moving cargo from one place to another using the necessary devices and tools. A student performs the main labor functions of a sling operator by controlling a character.

Practical skills are developed by passing game levels (scenarios). Each level is aimed at practicing transportation actions:
  1. a pallet with bricks
  2. a planetary gearbox
  3. an electric motor
  4. a flywheel
  5. a gearbox shaft
  6. a curved tube

All actions of the simulator take place in a simulated production site: a warehouse. A student can interact with most of the items on the site with the help of a character (e.g.: see slinger work posters on a wall, select removable load-handling equipment, etc.)

The simulator has a system of penalties for violations of health and safety rules, which motivates to perform all actions following the rules of industrial safety.

Most importantly, learning practical skills is safe for both the student and the environment. The only person who can be injured during the training is the game character. But he's already used to it :)
After learning the course, you will be able to:
  1. safely operate load-lifting devices;
  2. analyze the load standards of a crane, slings, ropes, etc., and select the right ones;
  3. determine the mass and center of gravity of transported goods;
  4. properly perform slinging, lifting, and moving of cargo;
  5. choose the necessary slinging scheme for a specific cargo;
  6. control the movement of cargoes by load-lifting devices in a plant using signaling.
Development time: 4 months
Course study time: 4 academic hours