E-course "First Aid".
A ready-made solution from SIKE

Goal: to form and practice first aid skills for injured
Target audience:
  • Students, interns
  • Production employees of all industries
  • Office employees
  • Managers, etc.
In everyday life, a situation may arise where the life of a loved one or colleague depends on our knowledge and skills. It is everyone's civic duty to provide first aid to the injured! To do this properly and promptly, we have developed an interactive e-course in a quest format that will be interesting for both production workers and students.
A unique scenario was written for the course, which helps to learn the theoretical basics of first aid and practice them on virtual characters, without harm to health and serious consequences.

According to the scenario of the course, our character finds himself in the middle of an emergency– an explosion at an industrial plant. Besides us, in the building destroyed by the explosion, there are many people with injuries of varying severity: bruises, fractures, poisoning, burns, etc.

The destroyed building consists of separate locations: rooms, workshop areas, utility rooms, etc. Each location is designed to study and practice actions on a specific topic, for example: bleeding, poisoning with toxic fumes, traumatic brain injury, etc.

In addition to the basic principles of first aid, the course reveals:

  • Legal aspects of first aid
  • Peculiarities of calling an ambulance
  • Step-by-step algorithms of actions at the scene of an accident
  • Basic first-aid mistakes
To test the knowledge obtained, there are control situations in which the student must assess the situation and provide first aid to the injured without any hints. Here, unlike in practical tasks, the injured person's life directly depends on our actions. The injured person may be saved, lose a limb, or even die.
Advantages of the course:
Vivid true-life illustrations and visual presentation of the material improve the perception and memorization of information
Without meager theory
A fascinating plot with interactive tasks allows you to work out the acquired knowledge
Learning can be fun!
34 types of the most common injuries/illnesses that can happen both in the workplace and in everyday life
Special tasks, in which you need to correctly identify an injury and provide first aid without hints
Control points
After learning the course, you will be able to:
  1. Properly analyze the situation and don't lose your presence of mind in an emergency.
  2. Recognize emergency conditions of injured people.
  3. Properly conduct a dialogue with the ambulance dispatcher during a call.
  4. Provide first aid in case of exacerbation of various diseases.
  5. Provide first aid for injuries, wounds, fractures, bleeding, and even traumatic amputation of a limb.
The "First Aid" e-course in figures:
  • 1 main character
  • 21 supporting characters
  • 14 locations
  • 18 injured people
  • 34 types of injuries/diseases
  • 2 control situations to test knowledge
  • 0 injured during course development
"First Aid" course reviews
  • This format of training is much more convenient than text or even video format because there is feedback, which allows you to understand how much the person is involved in the training and assess how much he or she learns the material. We think it's the perfect format for learning.
    Smirnov Evgeny
    Head of Development Department,
    Training Center "Profstandard", Novosibirsk
  • The SIKE's "First Aid" course is a course that has been taken by all the subject teachers who teach technical specialties because it contains general rules that apply to any profession.
    Naletova Yulia Mikhailovna
    Deputy Director for educational and production work,
    Norilsk Technical School of Industrial Technologies and Service
  • The course is still my top number 1 and is ahead of modern approaches to such online learning systems as "Single Lesson", "InfoLesson". I have connected my students to the study of your course.
    Vladimir Petrovich Pochepnev
    Head of the Life Safety Department of Moscow Secondary School No. 62, Krasnoyarsk
  • We use SIKE's First Aid course for lectures on labor protection and industrial safety. I like the course.
    Shaydurova Natalya Alekseevna
    Executive Director of ANO DPO "CPR PROFI"
  • I liked the interactive course, it was an interesting form of training, and we realized that we could use it as an advantage over competitors.
    Ryzhkov Ivan
    Product Analyst, OOO Uchebniy Centr "Profstandart", Novosibirsk
  • We used SIKE's "First Aid" e-course to teach 1st-3rd year students. I believe that the creation of such systems is an urgent need. The use of the "First Aid" electronic course allows you to make the learning process more effective, of high quality, and, not least, less costly.
    Salikhov Marsel Khabirovich
    Deputy director for educational and production work,
    GAOU SPO "Bugulminskiy agrarniy kolledzh"