VR for maintenance personnel training

Zeppelin, the official dealer of the world market leader – Caterpillar, has acquired SIKE's VR simulator "Virtual Mechanic VR. Hydraulic Pumps" for training Zeppelin's maintenance personnel in Uzbekistan.
Zeppelin offers a full range of services for the purchase, rental, and maintenance of equipment.
Zeppelin chose SIKE's VR simulator for training because there are no analogs in the European market for training maintenance personnel.

The task of SIKE's VR simulator "Virtual Mechanic VR. Hydraulic Pumps" is to develop the skills of safe, correct, and fast assembly and disassembly of hydraulic pumps.
The simulator forms:
  • skills in identifying the components of typical hydraulic pumps;
  • skills in the safe, correct, and quick assembly and disassembly of 12 types of hydraulic pumps.
The simulator can be used:

  • In the training of employees of enterprises that are involved in the repair, installation, and dismantling of hydraulic equipment
  • In the training of new employees, retraining of specialists of related specialties, and periodic certification of repair and maintenance personnel of an enterprise.
  • To conduct competitive events to increase the loyalty of employees (for example, "The Best Mechanic").

The effect of the simulator is noted by teachers who train students in the "Industrial Equipment Mechanic" specialty.

In educational institutions, the simulator is used for practical training, certification in a specialty, conducting demonstration exams in a discipline, and simulator training in related specialties: "installation and technical operation of industrial equipment", "technical operation of hydraulic machines, hydraulic drives and hydropneumoautomatics".

There is an experience in using the simulator in educational institutions of secondary professional education: the Solikamsk Mining and Chemical College and the Langepas Polytechnic College.

In the fall, the simulator was purchased by the Nizhny Tagil Mining and metallurgical college, named after the Cherepanovs E.A. and M.E. and the Kirovgrad Technical College of Professional Training.

The VR simulator "Virtual Mechanic VR. Hydraulic Pumps" is the winner in the "Best VR training product" nomination of the "Heroes of e-learning" competition at the QUORUM E-LEARNING 360 RUSSIA-2018 summit.

The VR simulator is the finalist of corporate accelerators: GoTech 2018, GenerationS 2019.
SIKE offers to develop a VR simulator for training industrial equipment mechanics for any equipment.

The minimal development time of a simulator for one type of equipment is 6 months.
Example of equipment and development time:

Type of equipment: 10 types of electric motors.
Task: study the assembly and disassembly of each of the 10 types of electric motors.
Development time: 7 months.
The development time depends on the complexity of the equipment.
What materials will we ask to develop a VR simulator for you?

  1. Drawings, photos for the implementation of 3D models of equipment,
  2. including the components of the equipment.
  3. Equipment documentation.
  4. Video materials with the detailed order of assembly and disassembly of the equipment.
  5. You provide all materials in electronic form
  6. or we will come to your facility to collect the information.
  7. In this case, the cost of development is increased by the cost of a business trip for our specialists.