VR training

An overview of SIKE's unique solutions for VR learning in Virtual Reality mode.
This technology imitates the interaction of a student with a virtual environment,
bringing the learning process as close as possible to real conditions.

Who are VR training systems for?
The system is designed to train students of primary, secondary, and higher professional education, train newly hired employees, and retrain and improve the skills of existing personnel in a safe mode, without the risk of injury and emergencies in virtual reality.
Types of SIKE's VR learning systems
SIKE offers ready-made solutions, as well as the development of custom-made training systems of any complexity using virtual reality technology, following individual customer requirements, for the following categories of personnel:

  • Production and technological personnel
  • Repair and maintenance personnel
Principles of training in virtual reality systems
A student, putting on a virtual reality helmet, appears on a virtual site in the role of the corresponding category of employee and must perform several operations. A student can navigate and move in space with the help of natural movements: turning his or her head, walking back and forth or left and right, leaning, squatting, etc., all the while wearing the helmet. A student can pick up, move, and examine objects with his "virtual hands," which are synchronized with the real ones by a special pair of wireless controllers. They read the location of the student's hands and fingers, as well as the hand position. This allows to simulate almost any action performed in the management of machines, repair, and maintenance of equipment.

Interactive tools, such as a set of virtual wrenches, screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers with a set of bits, etc., are provided in virtual reality training programs to perform work operations.

Aggregates, equipment, and objects of work sites are presented in the form of three-dimensional models, showing the design of real objects with maximum accuracy.
Components of VR learning systems
Training systems with virtual reality technology is a hardware and software complex, a set of technical and software tools working together, which provides highly effective training.

We supply you with ready-made hardware and software complex, thereby guaranteeing the proper level of quality in the functioning of our simulators.

The hardware part includes devices for collecting, processing, and displaying information. The main component of the hardware is a combination of the Oculus® Rift CV1 virtual reality helmet and Oculus® Touch hand position controllers, allowing students to immerse in a virtual world and work with equipment with natural movements. Thus, a high-quality new degree of material learning is achieved through the involvement of tactile memory and maximum realism of a situation at the students' place.