Lipetsk Metallurgical College: the use of SIKE simulators in a professional environment.

The Lipetsk Metallurgical College has purchased a "Laboratory of Ferrous Metals Metallurgy" from SIKE as part of the "Professionalitet" project in 2022. The laboratory includes a series of hardware and software training complexes, computer simulators, and 3D atlases for studying the device structure in the specialties "Ferrous Metallurgy" and "Pressure Metal Treatment".

We learned the opinion about SIKE simulators from leading college teachers with many years of experience in training qualified personnel for PAO "NLMK".
  • Savvina Olga Petrovna

    Teacher of disciplines of the professional cycle; head of educational and industrial practices, head of diploma design; taught disciplines: "Management of technological processes of steel production and control over them", "Production of steel and ferroalloys in the conditions of PAO "NLMK"

    GOAPOU "Lipetsk Metallurgical College"
  • Bodrova Nadezhda Ivanovna
    Teacher of disciplines of the professional cycle; head of educational and industrial practices, head of diploma design; taught disciplines: "Technological processes of Pressure Metal Treatment", "Technology of sheet-rolling production", "Fundamentals of metallurgical production"

    GOAPOU "Lipetsk Metallurgical College"
SIKE: How do you use the simulators?

Olga Petrovna: We use simulators in the new curricula for the Professionalitet project. The internship takes place in the middle of the second year, at the time when children are not yet eighteen years old. And it turns out we can't go to the factory. So everything we purchased from you has helped us tremendously. The practice took place in college, they first studied all the equipment in 3D, then they studied the technology in simulators. If it weren't for the simulators, I don't know at all what we would do with them during practice!

Nadezhda Ivanovna: After mastering the theoretical material, the students consolidate their knowledge during laboratory work. They get acquainted with the structure of the main and auxiliary equipment and the technological process of rolling on a wide strip mill and obtaining a galvanized strip on a zinc coating unit.

We're graduating control post operators. With the help of SIKE simulators, the students master the work of an operator, who monitors and remotely controls machines and mechanisms. The operator must know the design of the equipment, steel grade, assortment, and technological parameters that need to be controlled, as well as malfunctions, their causes, and methods of elimination.

During laboratory work, the students set up the equipment, start it using the control panel, monitor the condition of the equipment, and control the technological parameters of processing. At the end of the work, the activity is evaluated according to a five-mark grading system. Thus, students receive their first skills in mastering the profession of "Control post Operator". The operator is also required to be attentive, observant, and have a good knowledge of theoretical and practical material.
SIKE: What do you like or dislike about SIKE simulators?

Olga Petrovna: I like that the study goes hand in hand with the study of the lecture material. I started working with this 30 years ago when e-learning was just getting started. I really like your simulators; they are as close as possible to production equipment.

Nadezhda Ivanovna: Your simulators fully meet our requirements. Everything is very good, everything is set up as it should be. Students really like to work with the simulators. That's how simple they are. Even the second year is very quick to grasp the material. That is, these simulators are accessible to all ages.

I would like to expand the list of steel grades. If next year we have a demo exam on these simulators, the assortment should be expanded. The assortment is limited right now, and we have a lot of students graduating. It would be nice if they could choose their own brand of steel.
SIKE: Do students like to study using 3D technology?

Olga Petrovna: Of course. They grasp everything quickly and pass with A's.

SIKE: What are your wishes for other educational organizations?

Olga Petrovna: This year, we are having a trial demo exam. Next year, everyone will have the Professionalitet project. And without this software, it is impossible to conduct a demo exam: steelmakers will not smelt at a blast furnace or a converter. It is just the kind of software that is needed. That's why no educational institution can do without your simulators.

SIKE: Would you recommend SIKE for cooperation?

Olga Petrovna: The first time we worked with you was in 2008. I'm saying from the bottom of my heart, in 14 years, the level of quality has grown by leaps and bounds.