PAO "NLMK": feedback on cooperation with SIKE

  • Rusakov Mikhail Yurievich
    Head of NLMK's Personnel Training and Development Department
    Currently, PAO "NLMK" uses 11 computer simulators from SIKE. Of these, 2 are standard solutions for the training of repairmen and electricians, and 9 are specialized developments for specific production units. With the use of SIKE simulators, more than 400 workers are trained in 12 professions every year.
NLMK Group has been cooperating with SIKE for more than 10 years. How would you characterize our interaction?

Mikhail Yuryevich: Customer focus is on top, flexibility in project implementation. In terms of innovation, the company is always ready to experiment. We love experimentation, especially in digital learning technologies
SIKE: What types of training systems from SIKE do you use for staff training?

Mikhail Yurievich: We use a fairly wide range of simulators, process simulators, and 3D equipment atlases. Such products as "Virtual Mechanic".

We have about 350 professions at our enterprise, and our task is to make sure that for almost every profession there is some kind of electronic educational solution, with the help of which employees can independently, in electronic format, master at least the basic theory, basic practice by profession.
SIKE: What tasks do learning systems help solve?

Mikhail Yuryevich: I think it's easier to tell by the example of a particular profession. Let's take the profession of a repairman. Even though this profession may seem technologically simple, the training of repairmen can take up to six months.

In order for the training in the profession to be as effective as possible, we split the training into several components. We have training in groups, where the teacher tells the basic theory of the profession. There is training using electronic simulators so that, without getting close to real equipment, and without picking up real tools, people can work out the sequence of actions and memorize safety rules. And there is training in real skills, on real equipment, in production.

Our task, with the help of simulators, is to make sure that by the time a person gets to real production, he or she already has the basic theory and practice of the profession.
SIKE: How do you organize the process of gaining access to training systems?

Mikhail Yuryevich: Classically, when a company buys simulators, the point of access to these simulators is specific computers or computer classes on which the simulators are locally installed. Our task is to make these simulators as accessible as possible to a wide range of interested persons. I'm not only talking about our company's employees, but I'm also talking about students of our basic educational institutions and even schoolchildren who undergo various career guidance programs and receive primary knowledge in NLMK's professions.

Therefore, we have created a special platform, it is called "NLMK simulators". The platform allows you to host installation files of simulators and at the same time it is the center of administration of training with the use of these simulators. Thus, for all the simulators that we develop or buy, there is access from any computer or mobile device with Internet access and our corporate account.
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SIKE: Can you recommend cooperation with SIKE?

Mikhail Yurievich: We can definitely recommend cooperation with SIKE. The result, as a rule, is slightly higher than the expectations that we set at the stage of developing the terms of reference.

Customer focus is on top, (and developers show) flexibility in the implementation of projects. In terms of innovation, the company is always ready to experiment.
SIKE: How do you feel about working remotely with SIKE?

Mikhail Yuryevich: Remote work does not bother us. Especially when it comes to digital development. We are used to working remotely, with different contractors, including SIKE. We had absolutely no problems. Even the difference in time zones did not bother us at all.