"Professionalitet" and features of distance learning in the Pervouralsk Metallurgical College.

In 2022, as part of the "Professionalitet" project, the Pervouralsk Metallurgical College acquired a series of electronic courses and 3D atlases from SIKE. Chudinova Yulia Alexandrovna, CEO of SIKE, personally visited the college and talked to its representatives.
Chudinova Yulia Alexandrovna
Chudinova Yulia Alexandrovna
Antipina Olga Feliksovna
Antipina Olga Feliksovna
Director of the GAPOU SO "Pervouralskiy metallurgicheskiy kolledzh"
Lyasik Sergey Vladimirovich
Lyasik Sergey Vladimirovich
Director of the ANO "Institut razvitiya dualnogo obrazovaniya"
Yulia Aleksandrovna: Why did you invite SIKE to participate in the tender for the supply of training systems?

Olga Feliksovna: 2022 has become a year of fundamental changes in the system of secondary vocational education in Russia. We are glad to be a part of these changes. For a year of life in the "Professionalitet" project, we managed, on the basis of the Pervouralsk Metallurgical College and the Educational Center of the Future of White Metallurgy program, in partnership with CYBERSTEEL, the main employer of our college, to form an educational and industrial cluster of the metallurgical industry in Pervouralsk.

We see how, with the launch of the "Professionalitet" project, the interest of employers in the project is growing. Industrial enterprises are interested in reducing the training period and preparing specialists who are fully prepared to work on modern equipment. The shortening of the study period undoubtedly attracts applicants as well. But it is worth noting that this imposes on us an increased responsibility for the result of education. Our task is not just to maintain, but to improve the quality of education. This becomes possible with the effective use of virtual laboratory complexes, and computer simulators created during the year of the project implementation. SIKE demonstrates a leadership position in the creation of software for the system of secondary vocational education.

The management company of the college, ANO "Institut razvitiya dualnogo obrazovaniya", interacts with the employer and, together with us, determines the points of development of the educational organization. When we were engaged in strategic planning of what we would purchase within the framework of the federal project "Professionalitet", and what electronic courses and simulators could be useful to us, we turned to the experience of several companies, including SIKE.

The company is a reliable supplier to educational institutions of the Sverdlovsk region and Russia. Talking to colleagues, we hear decent feedback about the quality of your work. We are glad that cooperation after all the purchases has developed, the courses have been delivered and we are actively mastering them.
In the photo: Antipina Olga Feliksovna, Chudinova Yulia Alexandrovna, Lyasik Sergey Vladimirovich
Yulia Alexandrovna: For what purpose will you use these products?

Sergey Vladimirovich: To train students in the professions of an electrician, and a mechanic in the Laboratory of computer simulators of technological equipment created within the framework of the "Professionalitet" project. SIKE courses are closest to the situation that the employer and the college need.

Olga Feliksovna: The competence of using digital products in the educational process of our teachers should increase significantly. They must absorb new information, learn how to use these courses, teach students in parallel, and do it in a short time. The tasks of the "Professionalitet" project are urgent.

Yulia Aleksandrovna: Are you planning to develop a remote education and expand your product line?

Sergey Vladimirovich: Yes, we are creating a database of training systems.

For this, new laboratories and a modern video studio have been prepared within the framework of the "Professionalitet" project. Thanks to their equipment, we are ready to provide our students with access to quality education online.

Olga Feliksovna: We sincerely wish prosperity to SIKE.
You have managed to create a unique professional team.
We have been communicating with you for more than a year, and not a single college request for professional counseling has gone unanswered.
This interaction is valuable.
Yulia Alexandrovna: It is very important for us that the training systems that we develop are used to the maximum. We are always glad to receive your feedback because it helps to improve our products.