Polevskoy Multidisciplinary Technical School named after V. I. Nazarov: feedback on cooperation with SIKE

In the fall of 2022, SIKE training systems, as part of the "Professionalitet" project, were delivered to the Polevskoy Multidisciplinary Technical School. The class is equipped with simulators, atlases, courses, and VR-simulators from SIKE for training in the following professions: steelmaker, steel pourer, roller operator, hot metal roller, slinger, repairman; for training in labor protection.

This is the second time the college has purchased a set of SIKE simulators. Back in 2018, equipment and training complexes were purchased for training in metallurgical specialties.
  • Gostevskikh Alexander Mikhailovich
    Deputy Director for Educational and Production Work of GAPOU SO "Polevskoy mnogoprofilnyy tekhnikum im. V. I. Nazarova."
Why did you invite SIKE to participate in the tender for the supply of simulators?

Alexander Mikhailovich: I found your company on the Internet. The need was to train specifically in the specialties of steelmaking and ferrous metallurgy. Our technical school cooperates with the Seversky Pipe Plant, which is a steel-smelting production, pipe production. I was interested in SIKE simulators, it seemed to me that they have a zest. The simulators allow you to study not only the design of units and equipment that is in production. The simulators cover the entire technological process, from the smelting of semifinished steel to out-of-furnace processing and production of finished cast billets.
photographs from materials of the TV and Radio Company "Channel 11"
SIKE: How can you evaluate the quality of the work done?

Alexander Mikhailovich: Firstly, the quality of training improved when students started working on these simulators. They familiarized themselves with the equipment without going to the production facility. They joined the technological process inside and out. We got acquainted with the technological process of preparation of charge materials, charging, and steel smelting. After that, the students went out for production practice.

Secondly, I am satisfied that the delivery of the equipment was made on time. The simulators are high-quality made, the entire interface is in Russian, and everything is accessible and understandable. If any questions arose during the training process, we immediately called a SIKE specialist, and the problems were solved. So far, for four years, no problems.
SIKE: What tasks do you solve with the help of these simulators?

Alexander Mikhailovich: We prepare students of our technical school for work in production, that is, we conduct practical training. Students study the technological processes of steelmaking. Also, the task of improving the employees' skills of the enterprise and professional retraining is being solved.
SIKE: Can you recommend cooperation with SIKE?

Alexander Mikhailovich: Of course, I recommend cooperation with SIKE. SIKE has proven itself to be a very good company. There were no problems when working with them, from the preparation of commercial offers, the development of simulators, and ending with the delivery, installation, training, and further technical support.