PJSC Severstal on cooperation with SIKE

  • Khnygicheva Elena Yurievna
    Distance learning manager at JSC Severstal Management
    Expert in the development and implementation of electronic content in the company's training process
SIKE: How did your collaboration with SIKE begin and why did you choose it?

Elena Yurievna: The SIKE development team are professionals in the development of electronic training systems for metallurgical production, and our specialists required much less time to explain and agree on details. In jointly implemented projects, they always demonstrate flexibility, and a desire to create a high-quality training product. They promptly adjust the training system according to our request.

What makes your company stand out:

  • You understand experts perfectly.
  • We don't need to explain to you the name of the equipment and technological processes.
  • You offer the best solutions to a problem.
  • You are available 24/7 for any questions.
  • You follow trends in professional training, quickly respond to the emergence of new tools for developing electronic courses and simulators, and offer new solutions.

One of our requests was that SIKE simulators could be used in a Learning Management System (LMS). You have implemented this feature, which allows employees to train from any computer connected to the Internet and record learning results in a single system.
SIKE: What was our first impression when we arrived?

Elena Yuryevna: We first became acquainted with SIKE products in 2011. SIKE told us about the possibilities and confirmed they are ready to make a multimedia training complex according to our requirements for training our specialists.

The development of the first "Shaft Furnace" simulator took six months. The company's methodologists interviewed production experts, filmed videos, and clarified all the details to create an accurate mathematical model of our furnace.

The simulator has been updated several times and today is actively used by employees to master professional skills without the slightest risk and work out various emergency scenarios. In addition to the simulator, a theoretical electronic course has been developed.
SIKE: How are SIKE products used and what value do they give you?

Elena Yurievna: Currently, more than 100 e-courses and simulators of SIKE company are implemented in our LMS, which are embedded in the programs of professional training, which allows us to spend more time on practical training during face-to-face training. We use simulators for advanced training, training new employees, training when working in emergencies in the technological process, and for holding professional skills competitions.

The courses are highly rated by our employees and experts, as evidenced by the feedback.
SIKE: Can you advise on how to use solutions effectively?

Elena Yurievna: For training products to bring greater effect and be in demand, it is necessary to include them in modular professional training programs and constantly keep the content up to date.

Before starting to develop a course, you need to research the target audience in detail, without saving time on this. As a result, the course will be aimed at those who most need this knowledge; they will help solve specific problems of employees.

Extensive theoretical courses cause negativity. Employees want to receive information easily and quickly. We transfer all big courses to micro-learning and then we form modules and learning paths.
SIKE: Did SIKE's remote location confuse you and affect the effectiveness of our interactions?

Elena Yuryevna: It didn't confuse me at all. Most of our development companies are located remotely. We have long been able to communicate remotely without losing quality in interaction.
SIKE: Can you recommend us to other companies?

Elena Yurievna: Definitely. We are ready to recommend the SIKE company (and always gladly recommend it for the development of simulators and electronic courses in the technical field, since you are a leader in the development of training solutions in the metallurgical field and your company employs professional methodologists, programmers, and developers).

You're growing with us. And we're growing with you. We're developing together.