SIKE PRO is an ambassador of innovation in the training of production personnel

At the end of December 2023, the 10th KIVO (Catalyst for Innovation in Education) conference was held in Moscow, where the topic of increasing the effectiveness of education at different levels, both within the state system and in the private sphere, was discussed.

The conference presented several interesting reports on modern trends in offline and online education. The issues of increasing student involvement in the educational process, as well as efficiency and conversion – the quality of training and the number of students reaching the end of their journey to obtain new knowledge and skills.
As part of the conference, the innovation competition "KIVO-2023" was also held. More than 200 projects were submitted, and 30 reached the finals. The finalists included various projects, including using different board games, learning through the arts, various planners, aids, and motivators for learning and test preparation; and working with children with special needs using Alice (Yandex's intelligent personal assistant) and online schools. Many projects are at the idea stage, and some are already in operation.
SIKE PRO is a digital library of ready-made training solutions for working professions
At the competition, SIKE presented a digital library of ready-made solutions for training in blue-collar occupations, SIKE PRO. The SIKE PRO library allows colleges, universities, and enterprises to solve turnkey personnel training problems so that a specialist comes to production ready to solve real production problems.
Technologies should not be for the sake of technology but for the sake of achieving results – increasing the effectiveness of learning
The main goal of SIKE's participation in the innovation competition "KIVO-2023" is to popularize the use of digital technologies in education. Technology should not be just technology but achieving results that enhance learning.

In the competition, projects competed not for ratings but for more valuable rewards – consultations with mentors and support in promotion and development. And these awards were deservedly given to those projects that need it.

The "SIKE PRO" project was awarded a diploma as a finalist in the competition for innovations in education at "KIVO-2023". It was also awarded the title of ambassador of innovations in training production personnel.
We would like to wish everyone to organize more such competitions, and potential participants not to be afraid to experiment, try, and participate in such events.

Thanks to the organizers of the competition. Your diligence and commitment to creating such events deserve the highest praise. Such competitions are a great way to test yourself, be inspired by the work of other participants, go beyond the usual, and discover new horizons. Keep it up!
  • KIVO experts (Catalyst for Innovation in Education)
    Competition for Innovations in Education (KIVO), December 2023
    The project "Library of ready-made solutions for training in blue-collar professions SIKE PRO" is a thoughtful, relevant, and at the same time innovative solution to a modern educational problem in industry. It allows you to train students and young workers during primary adaptation to actual working conditions.

    The technologies that SIKE uses are truly unique in solving such complex academic problems. Over 17 years of work, SIKE has achieved impressive success: they have secured the support of many of the largest Russian enterprises and helped many students realize their potential.