FGBOU VO MGTU im. G. I. Nosova, Multidisciplinary College:
feedback on cooperation with SIKE.

  • Naumenko Oksana Petrovna
    Head of the department "Mechanical, hydraulic equipment and metallurgy" FGBOU VO MGTU im. G. I. Nosova, Multidisciplinary College
SIKE: Oksana Petrovna, you have been working with SIKE simulators for more than 15 years. Please share your opinion about the simulators.

Oksana Petrovna: We have been cooperating with the company for a very long time. In 2008, at that time in the Industrial College named after Makarov, we actively used the multimedia training program "Specialist for Hydraulic Drive Maintenance at Oxygen-Converter Plant Converter", and "Specialist for Hydraulic Drive Maintenance at CCM". I must say that quite a lot of students have studied at these programs, and to this day, after the merger, these programs are actively used by us in training practice, in the professional module "Maintenance and repair by hydraulic systems specialists". The guys are applying it with success. And the skills that they receive, certainly allow strengthening the theoretical knowledge and practical skills received by them in practical classes.
Archive photos from 2009
Magnitogorsk Industrial College named after N.I. Makarova (MIC), Examination in the specialty "Hydraulics maintenance at CCC/CCM" using SIKE simulators
SIKE: What SIKE products do you use today?

Oksana Petrovna: Now, as part of the Federal project "Professionalitet", which we entered in 2022, we were lucky to acquire a lot of additional various products from SIKE. These are multimedia products. These are both VR technologies and analogs of real machine control panels. As, say, in metallurgy, so in rolling production. And, on the most different specialties: these are mechanics, hydraulic technicians, and metallurgists, including rolling mill operators. Therefore, this fruitful cooperation is very effective, and I am very pleased with this cooperation.
Photos presented by MSTU. G.I. Nosova
Information Policy Department of MSTU named after. G.I. Nosova (Photo by V.I. Shustikov)
SIKE: How would you characterize the SIKE specialists who have worked with you?

Oksana Petrovna: Unique patience. When an IT specialist tries to explain to a "dummy" in simple words some peculiarities with amazing patience – it is worth a lot.

It is clear that I am a person far from all kinds of information technologies, I was explained how to turn it on, what buttons to press, and what features there are. Indeed, these are people with persistent patience, people who understand. This gives the right to a "dummy" to remain a "dummy" and at the same time use modern communication technologies, which we, as teachers, are obliged to use. At the same time remaining at their level, but having extensive opportunities. Thank you very much for this!
SIKE: What is the main value of SIKE learning systems?

Oksana Petrovna: Now, within the framework of the "Professionalitet" project, we, an educational organization, are obliged to provide maximum practice orientation and practical training in all classes, in all lectures, and practical and laboratory classes. How do we do this if we are training, for example, a rolling mill operator or a metallurgist? We do not have the opportunity to bring them to production, as this is a dangerous production. What if they are second-year students? Now, for example, in the second year, metallurgists have already begun to master the working profession. How can they do this without getting into production? How can they master this program if their teacher is going to explain the process using pictures? Of course, there is no way. Therefore, these programs allow providing a practice-oriented approach. There is no such possibility without them. In fact, the implementation of the Federal project "Professionalitet" is impossible without it. When we started working on the "Professionalitet" programs, we had to, it was a necessity, to shorten the training period, and all our students will now study 6 months shorter. That is, the number of hours of training has been reduced. The program has become more intense. And in these conditions, it is also impossible to do this without multimedia tools.
SIKE: How quickly did your students learn to control the simulators with real consoles (hardware and software training complex)?

Oksana Petrovna: When we installed the first consoles, and it was specifically for metallurgists, we managed to do it right at the beginning of September, our third-year students came after their holidays. I thought they'd be stuck on these consoles, sorting things out for a while, and then all sorts of people started arriving. The governor came, the entire management of the plant, the city management, and I'm not even talking about the university management. And you know who showed all this to our guests? Third-year students who get into it with ease. Because it is interesting, it is as realistic as possible, it demonstrates as much as possible how the technological process actually goes. The students showed everything and told about it to the governor, the management of the plant, and the city management. And VR technology, too, and all these real consoles. That's great! The students learn very quickly because they are interested.
Photos presented by MSTU. G.I. Nosova
Information Policy Department of MSTU named after. G.I. Nosova (Photo by V.I. Shustikov)
SIKE: How would you evaluate working with SIKE?

Oksana Petrovna: It's easy and pleasant. When it is easy to work, it seems to me that this also includes the concept – this is competent, very fast, and very convenient. Even all these purchases with our complicated laws and the federal budget. Everything is as flexible, comfortable, and convenient as possible. But again, you do not skimp on the time that you have to spend installing consoles, providing assistance, and accompanying our teachers. We tested some of the programs in the next room, something related to the hydraulic drive, and our age teacher mastered this program. And, wouldn't you believe it, she mastered it, with the help of the folks from SIKE. By the way, she still uses it with pleasure.
SIKE: Can you recommend cooperation with SIKE?

Oksana Petrovna: It should be recommended to everyone. I don't know how you are promoting at the All-Russian level, after all, Magnitogorsk is a small town in our country, and I'm even offended that it is so small. It seems to me that if you lived in Moscow, more people would probably know about you. But then, perhaps, we would not be able to interact with you, your products would have already been sold out, and we would not have got anything.