2024 Metallurgy academic competition
using SIKE training systems
April 17-18, 2024
Kazakhstan, Temirtau
An international academic competition among future metallurgists using SIKE training systems was held at the Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College.

The purpose of the event is to demonstrate skills in the field of ferrous metallurgy, as well as to increase the prestige of metallurgical professions.
Students from two universities and 5 colleges in Kazakhstan and Russia demonstrated their skills in smelting, finishing, and casting steel using SIKE hardware and software training complexes.

3rd-year students from the Lipetsk Metallurgical College came to the academic competition; they are also practicing on SIKE simulators. Their participation became an example of cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of metallurgy.
SIKE is the official partner of the academic competition
  • Chudinova Yulia Alexandrovna
    CEO of SIKE
    Advantages of using training complexes for training professional staff

    The simulators provide an opportunity to train students in the field of "Metallurgy of Ferrous Metals". If we talk about training, for example, welders or electricians, then we can put equipment in a classroom and train students.

    But if we are talking about dangerous production, liquid metal, then it is simply impossible to install units within college walls. Internships in production for young students are sometimes impossible by law. Therefore, the use of innovative technologies allows us to begin preparing students for future industrial practice and future work in advance.

    Carrying out such events helps in popularizing working professions. We hope to hold the academic competition with the help of SIKE simulators in Russia, with the involvement of a larger number of participants from different educational institutions and countries.
  • Kyzylbaev Yerlan Kurmanbekovich
    Master of Technical Sciences, teacher of special disciplines,
    Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College
    The idea of holding an international academic competition arose last fall. We wanted metallurgical students from colleges and universities in Kazakhstan and Russia to take part in the academic competition. We wanted students to demonstrate the ability to control the technological process of smelting, processing, and casting steel using SIKE hardware and software training systems. I wanted them to feel the competitive spirit.

    It was difficult to bring this idea to life. But thanks to the well-coordinated team of the administration and department, we achieved an excellent result.

    The academic competition was very interesting. The assignments and provisions of the academic competition were prepared in advance and the participating students were informed. The composition of the jury was determined: from production, from the university, from the personnel training department; they assessed the level of students' training.

    Each participant was announced for 4 training complexes. To evaluate the participants, a table was created in which points were assigned according to special criteria. A participant was assessed according to the following criteria: indicators that are automatically issued by a simulator after completion of a process: score, penalty points, and time to carry out a technological process. Based on these criteria, scores for 4 types of simulators were summed up.

    I am very pleased with the result of the academic competition; all participants received the most positive emotions. We are grateful to SIKE for the gifts provided; this greatly inspired the children to further participate in similar competitions and academic competitions.

    I wish the next organizer of such an academic competition good luck, coordinated actions and not to be afraid of what has been started. We will be happy to take part in the next academic competition.
Competition jury
  • Kharchenko Elena Mikhailovna
    Director of the Department of Academic Policy
    Karaganda Industrial University
    With the help of simulators, a student can fully master the technologies of smelting, processing, and casting steel, and assess the influence of various factors on the process. In addition, the desire to achieve good, stable results when simulating processes, the simulator stimulates self-learning skills, thereby facilitating the acquisition of deeper knowledge. That is, a student does not just intuitively press buttons on a control panel of a metallurgical unit, but meaningfully understands and makes appropriate decisions in the course of controlling a process.
  • Yespotaev Akan Sattursunovich
    section manager of blast furnace No. 3
    Qarmet JSC
    I believe that such events must be held. The feeling of competition and the desire to win is one of the main aspects in the development of a future professional in their field.

    Of course, such simulators are needed, they allow you to see and study a process from the inside, so further practice in production is of better quality. Your team is doing a very good job.
  • Kladova Elena Anatolyevna
    manager of work with students and educational institutions
    Qarmet JSC
    Such events are needed because people already in college begin to delve into and understand the metallurgical process. When they come to their workplace, they will know many aspects. The staff will be more qualified.

    I would probably rate the level of preparation of the participants by 5 out of 5 points. Because the guys tried, they used their heads. And they showed their skills and ability
Academic competition results
  • 1st place
    Zhetkin Magzhan Kobenuly
    Polytechnic College of Kazakhmys Corporation, Balkhash
  • 2nd place
    Zholanov Aybar Romanuly
    Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College
  • 3rd place
    Kusmaul Vadim Vitalievich
    Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College

    Myagkov Sergey Nikolaevich
    Lipetsk Metallurgical College
Feedback from participants
  • This is my first time participating. The academic competition was held at the highest level. Undoubtedly, such events are very much needed to develop the qualities of the participants. I liked the SIKE simulators and I would like all institutions to have such technology, it helps to understand the process itself and its essence.
    Zhetkin Magzhan
    Student, Polytechnic College of Kazakhmys Corporation, Balkhash
  • The academic competition was at the highest level. Such events should be held frequently so that students understand their professions. SIKE simulators are very quick to learn and easy to understand. I would like our university to purchase such simulators to improve the quality of students' skills.
    Nartbay Yerkebulan Zhanbolatuly
    Student, Karaganda Technical University named after. A. Saginov
  • I'm participating for the first time. These events are necessary; they contribute to the development of new specialists in the field of metallurgy. I liked the SIKE simulators; they make learning easy and clear.
    Cherney Alexandr
    Student, Pavlodar Polytechnic Higher College
  • The international academic competition was held at the highest level. It is organized very well. The event made it clear to students that we have a very responsible profession in the manufacturing sector. The SIKE simulators are a great idea for training practice. Thanks to the simulators, we know how to behave in large workshops and keep the process under control.
    Nadirbekov Aidos Kazbekovich
    Student, Karaganda Industrial University
  • Yes, such events are needed because it is at least some kind of experience. I liked the simulators, I would like our educational institution to have the same ones.
    Konovalov Gleb
    Student, Technical, and Economic College
  • The academic competition was held at the highest level, I enjoyed it. I believe that events of this kind are certainly necessary, as they open up new opportunities for students and give them a chance to fully realize their potential.

    The Lipetsk Metallurgical College uses simulators from the SIKE company, which give you a complete understanding of the job you chose when you entered this educational institution.

    The SIKE simulators have completely opened up a new level of education. Thanks to simulators, students can understand and imagine the activities for which they are studying or will study. The SIKE simulators are needed by modern education systems and will be in demand and useful for a long time.

    Am I satisfied with my result? There is no point in being sad about your mistakes; everyone has made mistakes and there is nothing to worry about. The main thing that is important in competitions is not victory, but the experience gained and the conclusions that everyone made for themselves after this academic competition.

    Myagkov Sergey Nikolaevich
    Student, Lipetsk Metallurgical College
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