Cherepovets Metallurgical College:
cooperation with SIKE.

Cherepovets Metallurgical College purchased a set of SIKE training systems as part of a professional program for training in the field of "ferrous metallurgy", in the following professions: steelmaker, steel pourer, mill operator, hot metal rolling mill operator, blast furnace operator, repairman; for training in professional safety.
  • Lyusin Igor Mikhailovich
    Director of BPOU VO "Cherepoveckiy Metallurgicheskiy kolledzh im. akademika I.P. Bardina"
SIKE: Why did you invite our company to participate in the tender for the supply of training systems?

Igor Mikhailovich: Since our college is the main supplier of personnel for PAO "Severstal", after consulting with the enterprise, we learned that SIKE provides several products directly to Severstal.

PAO "Severstal" is a commercial enterprise, therefore, in choosing suppliers and contractors, they are guided by very strict rules and requirements. And in order for us to synchronize the process of organizing training with the organization of the production process, we concluded that it would be more expedient for us to use SIKE products. Since our main direction is ferrous metallurgy, we decided to implement it through this company.
SIKE: How do you plan to use the machines?

Igor Mikhailovich: With the help of these simulators, we will train our students.

First, we will have versatile control: control by teachers; control by PAO "Severstal".
And we will see the result already at the demonstration exam.

A demonstration exam according to the rules of our partner PAO "Severstal" will show how expedient training on simulators is, how effective it is, and how close we are to the result.

The result is high-level training for graduates, and its goal is to exclude additional training in various areas, at various levels at the enterprise, when the student has already come to work. So, we'll interact on the results as well, we'll see how we do.

To date, those simulators, which we have already installed, have been tested by the teachers. Teachers are trained to conduct the learning process on them. I personally also tried to work with them, see the interface, ease of use. The future will show how effective it is.
SIKE: How can you evaluate the work with our company?

Igor Mikhailovich: I can assess the quality of work at a high level. The agreements, which we reached when concluding contracts, were all fulfilled. The equipment is also of decent quality, convenient, and close to the realities of production. Therefore, today we are satisfied with the quality and all areas of cooperation.
SIKE: Can you recommend cooperation with SIKE?

Igor Mikhailovich: We recommend SIKE to sign contracts with. In all the areas we work on, we are satisfied with everything. Quality, quantity, timing, general attitude, the attitude of managers.