SIKE "Slinger" VR simulator is the best IT project in the Chelyabinsk region in the field of education

On April 27, the winners of the regional competition "The Best IT Project of the Chelyabinsk Region – 2023" were awarded. The purpose of the competition is to identify and support significant IT projects in the areas of industry and manufacturing, trade and services, education, medicine, the public sector, etc. The awarding ceremony was held as part of the All-Russian Forum "Information Society: Digital Development of Regions".

SIKE "Slinger" VR simulator became the winner in the category "The Best IT Project in the Field of Education".
It should be noted that the VR simulator is successfully used to train students in several Russian educational institutions in the profession of "Slinger", including the "Professionality" program.

The simulator allows you to increase the perception of educational material due to maximum involvement in the learning process, and the use of tactile memory with the help of a VR helmet and a hand controller, allowing you to immerse yourself in the virtual world and work with the equipment with natural movements.
The simulator develops the following knowledge and skills:

  • safe operation of the load-lifting device;
  • load limits for cranes, slings, ropes, etc;
  • methods for determining the mass and center of gravity for transported cargo;
  • rules for slinging, lifting, and transporting cargo;
  • cargo-slinging schemes;
  • design, purpose, and usage procedure of slings and other hauling devices;
  • hand signal during the movement of goods by lifting equipment on the job site.
As a result of using the SIKE VR simulator "Slinger," you will get:

  • Safe training for your students, as opposed to on-the-job training.
  • Reducing the cost of equipment and maintenance of the material and technical base by 80%.
  • Indefinite use of the simulator, unlike fast-used items of MTB (Material and Technical Base).
  • Increase the efficiency of learning and memorizing information by 50% due to full immersion in the learning process and extreme concentration.