Simulators — a smooth transition
from theory to practice

  • Tovmasyan Margarit Armenovna
    Senior lecturer of the Department of Technologies and Equipment of pressure metal treatment
    Vyksa branch of NUST MISIS
SIKE: How do you use SIKE training equipment?

Margarit Armenovna: For training freshmen, for general familiarization with the rolling process.

For preparing students who are familiar with rolling technology, and know rolling modes and temperature conditions.

For career guidance of schoolchildren, who are primarily attracted by the game format of the simulators, the ability to control virtual equipment, smelt, and roll metal, without delving into the essence of the process.
The photo shows the simulator “Hot metal rolling mill operator in the finishing train of wide-strip mill stands” by SIKE
SIKE: What is your favorite thing about simulators as a teacher? How much do simulators make the learning process interesting?

Margarit Armenovna: Visualization is very important. When students are calculating the parameters of a technological process in the simulator, and an error occurs in the calculation, a student can analyze its reason, and this is clearly shown in the simulator.
But if this is an ordinary calculation on paper, the result is a figure, you tell a student that it is not correct, and here a greater misunderstanding arises.

Simulators provide a better understanding of the cause-and-effect relationship, the essence of the process, and how calculations affect the final result. For example, actions led to a breakdown of the stand, or the required billet size was not obtained.

The simulator allows you to carry out the process in real time, or you can pause the process, calculate, and resume the process. Conveniently, the procedure for calculations in the simulator is described in the laboratory work, which comes as methodological material for the simulator.

SIKE: Should such simulators be used in training? There are still teachers who believe that there is nothing better than lecture notes.

Margarit Armenovna: I am only for such programs, for visualization.

Simulators give an association with the technological process. They captivate students, they forget about their smartphones and become completely involved in the learning process.

The photo shows the simulator "Mill roller and hot rolling mill operator: roughing train of sheet rolling mill stands" by SIKE company in the Vyksa branch of NUST MISIS
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