Application of training complexes
in the process of training of middle-level specialists

  • Author of the article:
    Podkopaeva Marina Grigorievna, teacher of the highest category
In 2019, at the Oskol Polytechnic College of the Starooskolsky Technological Institute named after A.A. Ugarova (branch) of the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "National Research Technological University "MISIS" a significant event took place, the opening of a training ground for working professions with the assistance of Management Company "Metalloinvest".

A new era in education has begun for students studying in the specialties of "Metallurgy of ferrous metals", and "Pressure metal treatment". The long-standing dream of the college staff was realized – to provide training for metallurgists at a qualitatively higher level.

Our bosses presented innovative training equipment to the college students: training complexes of "Metal rolling in the reversing stand of a large-section mill", "Steelmaker of the ladle furnace unit", and "Steelmaker of the electric furnace". This made it possible in 2020 to introduce a new element into the educational process – educational practice for mastering the working professions of "Control station operator", "Helper of a steelmaker of an electric furnace", "Helper of a steelmaker of an out-of-furnace steel processing unit".
The current reality of the rapid digital transformation of the modern world dictates strict requirements for the quality of training of highly qualified personnel capable of effectively mastering new technological processes and working on modern, highly automated equipment. The specifics of metallurgical production limit the access of college students to work with workshop equipment. With the advent of training complexes in the college, a long-awaited opportunity arose to prepare students for industrial practice and future professional activities in conditions of simulating the real technological process of steelmaking and rolling mills. The use of virtual simulators in the educational process makes it possible to clearly demonstrate the operation of modern high-power metallurgical equipment, to develop the necessary skills in managing this equipment and conducting the technological process of metal production and contributes to the formation of professional competencies among students.
Simulators are indispensable when conducting qualification and demonstration exams as part of the implementation of training programs for mid-level specialists. Based on the training ground for working professions of the Oskol Polytechnic College, sites are accredited for conducting state final certification in the form of a basic level demonstration exam in the specialties "Metallurgy of ferrous metals", and "Pressure metal treatment".
The training ground also provides training for participants in professional competitions and Olympiads. In 2022, Ekaterina Zharkova and Andrey Kovalev took 3rd place in the Interregional Distance Olympiad of Professional Excellence in the specialty 22.02.05 "Pressure metal treatment". Several college teams took part in the National Championship on technological strategy "Professionals of the Future" and achieved high results: in 2022, the Empire Alvarez team took 3rd place in the finals of the championship, and in 2023, the MetalLady team became the winner of the semi-finals.

Working on simulators is of genuine interest to college students. 4th-year student Maxim Petrov, studying in the specialty "Pressure metal treatment", after practical training at the simulator complex "Metal rolling in the reversing stand of a large-section mill" shared his impressions:
"Metalloinvest gave us an extraordinary gift – virtual simulators. Our bosses know for sure that without such simulators it is very difficult to acquire professional competencies and adapt to the conditions of modern highly efficient production. Working on such a simulator, you virtually immerse yourself in the world of the metallurgical process, you feel like a real metallurgist, involved in the amazing miracle of the birth of metal."
The equipment can also be used for additional professional training of students, which helps to increase the competitiveness of college graduates in the labor market.

In the process of career guidance, virtual simulators allow college applicants to really immerse themselves in their future profession and see it from different angles.
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