Simulators of the technological process
is a good base for mastering the material

  • Safonov Vladimir Mikhailovich
    Professor of the Department of Electrometallurgy
    Vyksa branch of NUST MISIS
SIKE: How long have you been using the simulators?

Vladimir Mikhailovich: We have been using the simulators for a long time. The idea to create a simulator appeared even earlier.

I worked most of my life at the Donetsk Technical University and there, under the leadership of Professor Ponamarenko Alexander Georgievich and Simonenko Vasiliy Ivanovich, the idea of creating simulators appeared. Even before personal computers. We were trying to make a simulator on "Elektronika" (note: a series of mini and micro-computers produced in the USSR), and then visualization came along. But there were other concerns; we did not follow this path.
Vladimir Mikhailovich: The first developed professional simulator that we saw was the simulators of the steeluniversity company. We practiced with students all the time. We had practical classes in the course “Electrometallurgy of Steel”. We train bachelors in metallurgy and rolling stock. The rolling mill operators have a course “Metallurgical Technologies”, where we also teach electrometallurgy and bring them to simulators where students study with interest. We have advanced training courses. After COVID-19 we have online courses, but this is not at all interesting: you are talking into nowhere. In-person training is much more interesting.

SIKE simulators are not only of interest to students and teachers. The guys who now work at plants used to practice on these simulators. There are, of course, points that require improvement. But simulators are a very good base. If compared with steeluniversity ones, they are like apples and oranges. I would say that SIKE simulators are at a new level, a high one.

The photo shows SIKE's "Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaker" simulator

SIKE: You mainly use simulators and atlases to study equipment. How do you combine them in the educational process? How is your process structured?

Vladimir Mikhailovich: Yes, I teach a course on “equipment of metallurgical shops” and 3D atlases are used. Technology simulators are used in technology courses when students have already received a sufficient amount of theoretical knowledge. To be honest, our students mostly use the training mode with hints in the simulator and see what the technological process looks like visually. It’s very interesting, they do everything with pleasure. Working without prompts takes more time.
The simulator has two operating modes.
The "Training" mode allows you to study the technological process thanks to training scenarios.

The scenario is a step-by-step instruction, a sequence of tasks. For each step (task) of a scenario, a detailed description is available: which button to press, what value to enter in a field, etc.

The "Testing" mode helps to consolidate the studied material. The scenario tasks here do not contain hints. If necessary, you can turn on the "no tasks" testing mode, then a student will have to carry out the process completely independently.
The photo shows the simulator "Steel caster: slab continuous casting machine" by the SIKE company in the Vyksa branch of NUST MISIS
SIKE: Which are your favorite simulators, on equipment or technology?

Vladimir Mikhailovich: I like technology simulators better. On equipment, in my opinion, the name of the various items and terminology is specific. In general, 3D atlases solve the problem. Students are interested. You can also give lectures.

When I was studying, we only had posters and a teacher. Understanding how the equipment worked was very difficult. And now a student sees everything in the simulators. It is very visual and interesting and students are happy to use it.
The photo shows the "Steelmaker of electric arc furnace" simulator by the SIKE company in the Vyksa branch of NUST MISIS
SIKE: What would you recommend to your other colleagues who are just thinking about using such simulators?

Vladimir Mikhailovich: I would definitely recommend it. Everything that can help a student master material must be applied. And the simulators help a lot.
SIKE: How comfortable was it to work with our company?

Vladimir Mikhailovich: SIKE is a great company to work with. I once ordered one simulator, and they gave me another one. I advise everyone to work with this company.
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