Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College: experience in conducting demonstration exams using SIKE simulators

At the end of June 2022, for the first time, a demonstration exam was held at the Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College on modern SIKE hardware and software training complexes purchased under the "Zhas Maman" program among 3rd year students of the specialty "Metallurgy of ferrous metals". All students successfully passed the exam and received the qualification "Converter Steelworker".
  • Abishev Aidar Akylserikovich
    Director of Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College
Within the framework of the state program "Zhas Maman", Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College received funding for the purchase of virtual and hardware-software training complexes in the specialty "Metallurgy of ferrous metals". Hardware and software training complexes, 3D atlases, and simulators were purchased, which makes the educational process as close as possible to production conditions, and increases students' interest in their chosen profession. The acquired simulators make it possible to diversify practical classes, it is more interesting to conduct career guidance and training seminars for production workers.
  • Kyzylbaev Yerlan Kurmanbekovich
    Teacher of special disciplines on metallurgy at Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College
The hardware-software training complexes represent the metallurgical process very clearly, SIKE has fully equipped the laboratory. The quality of the equipment is excellent, it will last for many years, and students can improve their level of specialization every year.

With the help of these simulators, we want to develop this specialty, since our city is industrial. We want to introduce an applied bachelor's degree in metallurgy: we have a training center in our college where we can train the unemployed in working specialties.

Taking into account the purchase of modern equipment, we are opening a metallurgy competence center – this is Metal Industry, where we will conclude agreements with metallurgical companies to train their employees in this particular college, in this laboratory.
The introduction of complex simulators makes it possible to partially replace practice at a real facility. Graduates receive a completely different level of training – a higher one. Working on such simulators and getting into production, they feel much more confident. They have all the necessary equipment management skills and are well-versed in the technological process.

Thus, when using complex simulators, it is possible to train qualified specialists faster, more efficiently, and, accordingly, at lower costs.
Based on the materials of the Temirtau Polytechnic College